About Us

Our Mission

VRRK Medical Innovations is a medical device company based in Vancouver, BC Canada since 2013. We are focusing on disease areas where there is an unmet need in well-defined niche populations that are often overlooked by larger corporations due to limited market size.

Our first goal is to bring innovative medical devices that are approved elsewhere in the world into Canada to ensure the newest tools and technologies are available to Canadian patients, nurses, and physicians to treat their patients.

Our long-term goal is to use revenue generated by product sales to acquire and develop new medical technologies. We are constantly on the lookout for new opportunities in medical device marketing and distribution as well as product development.

VRRK’s most recent product line are the CareAline PICC line sleeves and CareAline Wraps for G-tubes, J-tubes and PEG.  We have partnered with CareAline LLC in Boston, MA, USA to commercialize their innovative line of products in Canada.

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