VRRK Medical Innovations

VRRK Medical Innovations is a Vancouver-based company focused on commercializing and developing innovative medical devices for niche therapeutic indications. VRRK has licensed the exclusive Canadian sales and marketing rights for CareAline™ Products.

CareAline ProductsCareAline™ Products are unique, one of a kind line management systems for PICC, Central Lines, PEG Lines, G-GJ Tubes and various catheters.  CareAline’s award-winning products secure lines and tubes.


No child or adult patient should have to endure the cost, discomfort and irritation of taping and re-taping lines for the purpose of securing them close to the body.  CareAline’s award winning products solve this problem.

CAREALINE™ is the trademark of CareAline Products LLC. (VRRK Medical Innovation is an authorized licensee of CAREALINE™ products).


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